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Special note:

Due to COVID-19 prevention efforts, all in-person classroom trainings through 2021 have been canceled.

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The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) is committed to providing training, technical assistance and resources to public safety and child-serving professionals.

NCMEC hosts in-person classroom training sessions in its state-of-the-art Walsh Training Center located in our Alexandria, VA headquarters, as well as facilities located across the country at our regional offices and partner agencies. Online courses are available through NCMEC CONNECT, designed to provide easy access to training and resources for professionals on the frontlines.

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Online Training Courses


NCMEC CONNECT is your virtual gateway to on-demand trainings, resources and best practices related to missing and exploited children. Access our learning platform to build your knowledge set around these issues to better protect children in your community. 

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Protect. Reduce. Prevent: Executive Leadership Series on Missing & Exploited Children

The six-week online course is designed for executives of law enforcement agencies and emergency communications centers, as well as clearinghouse managers.

This online learning series will familiarize participants with issues related to missing and sexually exploited child cases. It will provide attendees effective policies and practices, emerging trends, technical assistance, and best practice resources for responding to calls of missing and sexually exploited children.

Click here to view the PRPL course one pager.

PRPL Series Class Dates: 

PRPL01 (April 5 - May 18, 2021)

PRPL02 (June 1 – July 13, 2021)

PRPL03 (August 16 – September 28, 2021)

PRPL04 (October 12 – November 23, 2021)

Topics Covered: 

  • Missing Children and Vulnerable Populations
  • Exploited Children and Current Trends 
  • Child Sex Trafficking 
  • Community-Based Multi-Disciplinary Teams 
  • Legal Issues 
  • Digital and Social Media Relations 
  • Federal Resources 
  • Family and Survivor Impact 
  • Responder Resilience and Wellness
  • Case Scenario and Community Action Planning 


The cost of admittance and training materials are covered by NCMEC.

PRPL Course Prerequisites:  

• Applicants must be an active command/senior manager/senior staff member of a law enforcement agency, emergency communications center or state missing clearinghouse.  

• Complete nine learning modules that provide a foundational understanding of NCMEC’s role as a national clearinghouse and resource center. View all prerequisite courses.

• Complete Missing Kids Readiness Program (MKRP) learning modules that provide best practices for taking and responding to calls of missing and sexually exploited children.

• Preview PRPL Course Syllabus

Texas Regional trainings coming in 2022 – don’t miss this opportunity!

NCMEC will be hosting six in person trainings on Emerging Trends in child sexual abuse material (CSAM), child sex trafficking (CST), and children missing from care (CMFC), throughout the state of Texas. Sign up to receive updates!

Classroom Training Courses

In-person classes through 2021 are canceled.

Chief Executive Officer Seminar on Missing & Exploited Children (CEOMEC)

This three-day course explores issues related to missing exploited child cases including investigative responses, officer resilience and wellness, liability, supervisory responsibilities, model policies, and practices, technical assistance, training, and resources.

This course is designed for chiefs, sheriffs, 911 directors, and clearinghouse managers. Only applicants in these positions will be considered. Participants are required to attend all training segments and complete an evaluation form to receive a certificate of completion.

Topics Covered:

  • Missing & Exploited Children: Nature Scope of the Problem
  • Policies & Practices for CEOs
  • Media Relations
  • Community Outreach & Prevention 
  • Community-Based Multi-Disciplinary Approach
  • Community Self-Assessment & Action Planning 
  • Family & Survivor Perspective
  • Family Support Resources 
  • Overview of Child Sex Trafficking
  • Officer Safety and Wellness 
  • NCMEC Resources


Walsh Training Center, Alexandria, VA

The cost of admittance, training materials, airfare, and single occupancy lodging are covered by NCMEC.

Other locations:

The cost of admittance and training materials are covered by NCMEC. Lodging cost assistance may be available.

"One of the best seminars I have ever been to. Tons of information to take back and start implementing. It will make a difference in the Poplar Bluff Police Department and the community as a whole.
Chief Danny Whitely, Poplar Bluff Police Department

CEOMEC Class Dates: 

All classes have been canceled through 2021.

Child Sex Trafficking: Awareness & Response (CSTAR)

This three-day training focuses on the multitude of issues regarding child sex trafficking cases and the unique dynamics associated with this population. 

This training is open to law enforcement and prosecutors who work in the state in which the course is being held due to customized course content specific to state laws and direct service providers. Participants are required to attend all training segments and complete an evaluation form to receive a certificate of completion.

Topics Covered:

  • Scope of Problem
  • State and Federal Legal Issues
  • Coordinating Case Services
  • Fundamentals of Investigations
  • Role of Technology in Child Sex Trafficking Cases
  • Identifying Gang-Controlled Victims
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Interdiction Model
  • Survivor's Perspective
  • Adolescent Development & Victim Vulnerabilities
  • Federal Resources Assistance
  • Local Services Provider Functions


The cost of admittance and training materials are covered by NCMEC.

"This is one of the most complete and thorough trainings involving Child Sex Trafficking and its tie in to NCMEC I have ever received. It is also an incredible stand-alone training for Child Sex Trafficking and Missing Person’s investigations.“
- Detective Sergeant Alan C. Woods IV, Baltimore Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division, Special Investigation Section

CSTAR Class Dates: 

All classes have been canceled through 2021.

Forensic Imaging Training

NCMEC in partnership with The FBI Violent Crimes Against Children Section are offering a 40-hour training course in forensic imaging techniques proven successful by experienced forensic artists. Students will work on actual unidentified deceased cases and be able to compare their work with the deceased images. Students will also learn photographic manipulation techniques applicable in today’s law enforcement arena.

This course is open to qualified law enforcement forensic artists with experience using Adobe Photoshop.

Topics Covered:

  • Photographic Manipulation Techniques
  • Facial Reconstruction Techniques
  • Adult Age Progression>
  • Photo Repair


The cost of admittance and training materials are covered by NCMEC.

This was the best-organized training program I have ever experienced. This was excellent and useful training that will have an impact on how our agency handles missing children cases. I am anxious to implement the many things that I learned at this seminar.
Chief John Pritchard, Herington Police Department

Forensic Imaging Training Dates: 

All classes have been canceled through 2021.

Organizational Training Programs

Missing Kids Readiness Program

MKRP promotes best practices for responding to calls of missing, abducted and sexually exploited children. Agencies will be recognized by the NCMEC for meeting essential training and policy elements demonstrating preparedness for responding to a missing child incident.

Code Adam

Code Adam is a safety protocol for lost and potentially abducted children. It is designed to help businesses, parks, government buildings and other establishments ensure that they have safety protocols in place to respond quickly and effectively to situations involving a missing child.

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