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Learn more about the issues NCMEC works on, the various resources and training available to professionals and the public, and our efforts to prevent future victimization. 

We work on various missing child issues, including Autism and wandering, child sex trafficking, family abductions, unidentified child remains, infant abductions, long-term missing, children missing from state care, nonfamily abductions, attempted abductions, cases of children who have run away, and other types of missing incidents.

We know that there is often overlap between missing child cases and child exploitation; this is particularly true of child sex trafficking and increasingly of online enticement cases. Additionally, we work on the issues of sextortion and child sexual abuse material.

NCMEC hosts in-person classroom training sessions in its state-of-the-art Walsh Training Center located in our Alexandria, VA headquarters, as well as facilities located across the country at our regional offices and partner agencies. Online courses are available through NCMEC CONNECT, designed to provide easy access to training and resources for professionals on the frontlines.

 NCMEC is uniquely situated to identify trends and create educational resources to address the changing needs of children, families, and communities. NCMEC provides safety and prevention resources for families and child-serving professionals focusing on the topics of online and real-world safety, including skills on how to handle a variety of situations ranging from staying home alone to knowing what to do in case of an emergency, to abduction and child sexual exploitation prevention.

We assist a wide-range of professionals who may be involved with missing or exploited children cases. This includes providing technical assistance or forensic support to law enforcement and medical examiners, referring families to specially-trained mental health providers within our network, or providing research and trial support to legal professionals working missing or exploited child cases. 

NCMEC provides information related to the issues of missing children, child sexual exploitation, and safety and prevention for families, communities, and professionals in the field through the use of decades of institutional and contextual knowledge, data-gathering and analysis, professional experience, and monitoring of trends in data over time to develop a clear and current understanding of these issues.